Q: What is the Marijuana Industry Summit and AK420 Fest?

A: The Summit and the Fest were founded to explore two key components regarding the legalization of marijuana in Alaska: The creation of a new, legitimate industry and; celebrating the legal recreational use of marijuana in Alaska.

Q: What can we expect at the event?

A: Expect live music and artists, food and merchants, as well as qualified speakers who will discuss both the business and recreational aspects of marijuana in Alaska. This one-of-a-kind festival will certainly be entertaining, but will focus on legalized marijuana as various political and social issues are explored, discussed and resolved in Alaska and across the nation.

Q: Who is promoting this event?

A: Adventure Expos in Anchorage is hosting the event. These are the same folks who founded, ran and (just recently) sold the state’s largest winter adventure show, the Oxygen & Octane Expo. Adventure Expos has almost a decade of staging events in Alaska, both as a founding organization or as an event partner.

Q: Is parking going to be a problem?

A: There are plenty of parking lots and spots in downtown Anchorage near the Egan Center, and meters are free on the weekends

Q: Doesn’t this event put the city in the awkward position of having to look the other way when people light up?

A: It is illegal for people to smoke marijuana outside of a private residence. We are striving to put on a safe event that closely adheres to all requests, permits and rules.

Q: What are you doing to protect children and discourage underage use?

A: This event is aimed at adults. It is illegal for people under the age of 21 to possess and/or use marijuana. We support that.
 The industry is new in Alaska, but based on other states’ reactions, those new laws mandate child-proof packaging, where shops can be located, on-site security, testing and more. We acknowledge the concerns around underage use and continue to advocate for smart regulations that ensure the safety of our children.

Q: Isn’t this just going to be a bunch of stoners wrecking our city’s image?

A: No. The event is first and foremost an educational and celebratory event. We are hoping to attract a diverse range of people by offering music acts, entertainment, qualified speakers and specific vendors.

Q: Doesn’t this event promote drug use?

A: No. The festival-like atmosphere we are hoping to create will make this an experience akin to, say, the annual beer- and wine-tasting event. The event will also generate revenue for the city.